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Centro Romero relies on the generous support of our community and our clients. Below are several key areas in which we need your support and your aid with a monthly donation.

Volunteer $10

Your monthly donation goes toward

  • Youth department safety supplies
  • One seat on an Adult Ed trip
  • Court transportation
  • Boxes of pens for Legal department
  • Toys for child care
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Friend of Centro Romero $25

Your monthly donation goes toward

  • Tutoring workbooks
  • Parental controls for computers/tablets
  • Mailing costs for Legal Department for a day
  • Supplies and snacks for support groups
  • 1 hour of Adult Ed teaching time
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Family Member $50

Your monthly donation goes toward

  • Practice books for GED
  • Science projects for kids
  • Training classes for Legal Department
  • Emergency clothing and food for domestic violence victims
  • Computer lab internet costs
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Saint $100

Your monthly donation goes toward

  • Tablet for Adult Education
  • 1/4 payment of school bus for field trip
  • Emergency cell phone for Domestic Violence victims
  • Digital fingerprinting for legal department
  • 1/3 of trash removal costs
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Frequent Questions
Can I donate more than once?
We'd be honored if you would.  Our donation options include monthly subscriptions where you can click once and have a set donation withdrawn from your account on a monthly basis.
What is the payment method?
We take all forms of credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover) over a fully secure PayPal payment platform.  PayPal has been gracious enough to give us the best transaction rates as a non-profit organization.
Can I donate as a gift for someone?
If you'd like to make your donation into a generous gift, please contact us and special arrangements can be made.
How can I see status updates?
Sign up for the Centro Romero e-newsletter.  All subscribers will be updated on a regular basis with news, events, happenings in the organization, and upcoming fundraisers.
Can I become a volunteer?
Centro Romero is always looking for volunteers.  Have a look at our volunteer page for more information.
I'd like to donate an item for a fundraiser or silent auction.
We would love that!  Centro Romero has prided itself on having some of the most interesting items at our fundraisers.  Everything from shadowing a state representative for a day to autographed White Sox memorabilia has been available at our events.  If you'd be interested in donating an item to Centro Romero, please call Griffin Baron at 773-508-5300 x 224.