The Adult Education Program provides instruction for life-long learning and fosters strong identity recognition and construction while encouraging upward socio-economic mobility through education. All of our students, whether learning English, seeking Citizenship or studying to pass the GED, are empowered to build a strong community.

We offer 180 hours of instruction per week through 27 classes including English Language Acquisition, Spanish Literacy, Citizenship Preparation, GED in English and Spanish and more. Our teaching team of 16 experienced instructors and more than 100 volunteers annually makes it all possible.

Interested individuals must register in person. Depending on the class, registration will take about an hour. For complete registration information, contact us using the form below.

The Adult Education Department offers classes and activities that help build the skills and knowledge of participants in Centro Romero Programs. We provide:

  • Citizenship Preparation
  • English Language Acquisition (English Classes)
  • GED program in English
  • GED program in Spanish
  • Spanish Literacy
  • Computer Classes

One on one tutoring matches available upon request


Class times vary depending on what program students were first enrolled in.


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“Education is not simply the transmission of knowledge. It is not simply the development of talent. Education is the great enterprise of steadily and surely passing on the fullness of humanity from the past to the future.”
Daisaku Ikeda